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Timoroso, ho tirato l'acqua sperando di non rivederlo mai piu'. Frankenstein si illuse di poter creare un mostro contro natura senza subirne le conseguenze...When archaeologists lifted up a piece of concrete floor at a site near Hadrian's Wall, they never expected to discover one of the earliest Roman cavalry barracks and a treasure-trove of artefacts in a remarkable state of preservation.

Material like wood, leather and textiles survived due to oxygen-free conditions created by that concrete layer. Pictured above, a cavalry junction strap found at the site The barracks were part of a base that once housed more than 1,000 soldiers and probably many thousands more dependants, including slaves.

The first fort at Vindolanda was probably built by the 1st Cohort of Tungrians about AD85 Making such a significant discovery at Vindolanda is all the more rewarding for him because his archaeologist father, Robin, headed the excavation that discovered the famous Vindolanda writing tablets in 1973.