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I believe a synergy develops when actors trust and respect each other, and Yoon A does this well.”He also praised Yoon A’s healthy and vibrant nature and also talked about their chemistry on set.Lee Bum Soo went on to say, “We act so comfortably together on set and some scenes were improvised.

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Many celebrities who worked with her usually admitted her personality as friendly and easy going: 1. Yoon A is so kind-hearted that when I sent her a text message saying I was sorry, she responded pleasantly with 'It would have been less depressing if we had actually been on a date and the rumor occurred.' I was really grateful.Her heart surgery at Korea University’s Ansan Hospital will hopefully cure her ventricular septal defect.Selaili, who arrived in Korea on September 7, was surprised and grateful when she received Tiffany, Yoona and Hyoyeon in her hospital room.It was revealed that Selaili is a fan of SNSD, which made this surprise visit even more meaningful. SNSD’s Yoona Becomes First Member of ‘Honor Society’ Donors in 2015 11.

Girls’ Generation Yoona praised by Forbes Magazine 12.

She mused, "I thought Yoon A unnie was so pretty when I first saw her. She had a darker complexion back then, but at the time she gave off a very exotic feel, which made her look even prettier." "I thought she was a saint.